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Partner: I make my own destiny.

BerichtOnderwerp: Rose   za okt 22, 2011 10:47 am

My name is Rose.
I've been living on the streets for all my life.
And one thing I've learned those days is that
You must always listen to your own heart.
Make your own destiny.

It was a sunny day, the day that I was born.
Obviously because it was always sunny in El Paso.
I heard the stories from my dearest friend; Phoenix.
She was like my older sister, my quardian.
She had known my parents very well, though she
never wanted to give me any names.
She must have had a good reason for that.
She is the only one I ever trusted.
The last one I'll ever trust.
Because I know best of all that, only those who stand
very close can hurt you deep inside.
When all those things happened to me I changed
I became a women. But I also lost my dreams.
I was no longer soft, always depressed.
I bit off every conversation. Had to take care of myself.
It was the only way to survival. I could let no one in.
Egoistic and dark, I started walking on to the bad side.
And I almost crossed the borderline.
Luckily you were there to save me.
I ran away from my destination and started to make my own.
So I came here. For a fresh start, I quess.
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